Virtual reconstruction of Bergen-Belsen

This is a 3D reconstruction of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp, part of the installation “Here, Space of Memory” a collaborative effort between the research group SPECS and the memorial center of Bergen Belsen to commemorate the 60 year anniversary of the latter in 2012. The reconstruction has since been updated and extended to reflect earlier historical states.

This video shows a shortened version of the installation with the 3D reconstruction and the historical audio of the 1945 BBC radio report by Richard Dimbleby.  That audio can still be heard here.

Installation credits

Concept Narrative and direction: Paul Verschure, Anna Mura and Habbo Knoch
Production: SPECS
3D reconstruction & graphics: Daniele Pacheco, Vanessa Santos
Sound production: Giovanni Maffei
Technical Direction and Installation: Pedro Omedas with Alex Escuredo, Sytse Wierenga, Stefan Wilbricht, Eberhart Stimpel
Historical Advice: Habbo Knoch, Thomas Rahe, Martina Staats, Katja Seybold, Stefan Wilbricht

Funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework programme ICT Future and Emerging Technologies (258749-CEEDS) Additional funding by the EU’s Europe for Citizens program, Action 4 – Active European Remembrance.

more information on the installation here

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