The Tablet application

The tablet application gives access to the historical landscape reconstruction, as well as to a selection of historical documents and information about them. It acts as a rich landscape guide, with many possibilities to include its use in visits from individual visitors as well as groups, such as school classes. It combines maps, geo-located 3D models of the camp during different historical states, virtual- and augmented reality views, context documents, and many historical documents such as photographs by liberators, diary excerpts and drawings by inmates, as well as interview excerpts.

The collection of information on the tablets is organised via a database, which gives complete control over the available content, appropriate for each occasion and use. Since about a year from writing and while being developed, the tablet application has been in daily use at the Bergen Belsen Memorial, predominantly for normal visitors (typically small groups like families, couples and so on) and increasingly for organised school class visits. This post gives an impression of our first test with school class use. But its use as aid for on-site research, such as archeology or the reconstruction of historical perspectives has also proven to be a fruitful direction to further develop.

  • Summerschool participants exploring the database and the landscape


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